Department Employee Name Position Phone Nbr Email Address
Executive Frank Sourbeer President, General Manager 717-561-3102
Executive Jeannie Maiman Assistant to President, Customer Service  717-561-3100
Executive Charles Sourbeer Executive Vice President of Sales 717-561-3109
Executive Sabrina Benedict Asssitant to VP of Sales 717-561-3101
Sales Crystal Hartz Marketing Director, T.I.P.S. Trainer 717-561-3110
Sales Jess Horn Craft Brand Manager 717-561-3117
Sales Ken Gilman Brand Development Manager 717-441-3461
Sales Jerry Herman Sales Execution Coordinator 717-561-3107
Sales Frank Tomasic District Manager 717-561-3114
Sales Greg DeHart Sales Representative 717-441-3581
Sales Eric Fee Sales Representative 717-441-3583
Sales Tom Moore Sales Representative 717-441-3584
Sales Jim Tyler Sales Representative 717-441-3587
Sales Greg Steckbeck District Manager 717-441-3588
Sales Jon Gaffey Sales Representative 717-441-3586
Sales Matt Hicks Sales Representative 717-441-3585
Sales Mark Hoffman Sales Representative 717-441-3596
Sales Sean Ryan Sales Representative 717-441-3582
Sales Frank Tommasini Sales Representative 717-441-3595
Sales Dan Hartung District Manager 717-561-3106
Sales Ken Enge Sales Representative 717-441-3593
Sales Blaze Fleming Sales Representative 717-441-3589
Sales Eugene Futrel Sales Representative 717-441-3592
Sales Scott Kistler Sales Representative 717-441-3594
Sales Ryan Gates Territory Relief 717-441-3580
Sales Eric Lisco Territory Relief 717-441-3579
Sales Kyle Maxwell Territory Relief 717-441-3590
Sales Jeff Stokes Territory Relief 717-441-3591
Graphics Kyle Rhoads Graphics Design Manager 717-561-3112
Graphics Rob Trea Graphics Designer 717-561-3112
Graphics Liana Harlan-Rodriquez Graphics Designer 717-561-3112
Graphics J.D. Maiman Graphics Designer 717-561-3112
Operations Rock Rittle Director of Operations 717-561-3103
Operations Mike Steinbaugh Dispatching Supervisor 717-561-3113
Operations Nick Bowers Receiving Warehouse Manager 717-561-3105
Operations Steve Apostolopoulos Closing Warehouse Manager 717-441-3460
Operations Brandon Gilman Inventory Manager 717-561-3118
Operations Matt Wood Inventory Specialist 717-561-0710
Operations Mike Hartz Inventory Recorder
Operations Woody Weaber Maintenance Manager 717-441-3462
Administration Tom Nugent IT Administrator, Office Manager 717-561-3116
Administration Jim Garvin Controller, Human Resource Administrator 717-561-3108
Administration Michelle Calla Accounts Payable Coordinator 717-561-3111
Administration Chris Dolphin Accounts Receivable, Administrative Clerk 717-561-3104
Administration Tracy Dundore Accounts Receivable, Administrative Clerk 717-561-3115
Administration Mayra Hirnonimus Receptionist, Administrative Clerk 717-561-0288
Administration Stacy Knisely Administrative Clerk 717-561-3119